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Director, General Manager of Beyond
Clinic Mastery Coach

Hi, I’m Shane
Co-founder of Beyond, which is a group of Victorian multi-disciplinary clinics. Our goal is to help people, both our clients and our team Move Through Life. Beyond is continually exploring, evolving and delivering initiatives to be at the forefront of our field. Our ‘why’ is to create career opportunities for our team.

I started my Clinic Mastery journey as one of the first clinics to be part of the program. It was amazing then and even better now. Watching the evolution of Clinic Mastery as a client, I just had to get involved and be part of the team!

Clinic Mastery Golf with Ben Lynch
Ben Lynch Family
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Clinic Mastery Golf with Ben Lynch
In a nutshell I love..

Catherine (partner) and our selfless parents and siblings.

Sports & Fitness

Riding and Running is my outlet, and a bit of swimming let’s me role around in the odd triathlon.


I’m extremely fortunate to live by the beach. The expanse, the sound of the surf and the ruggedness of the Victorian coastline make for an intoxicating mix.


Whether it’s a stunning city, building, home or a beautifully crafted piece of furniture I’m all about it! I’m fascinated by the spaces we exist within and interact with and feel the play a far bigger part than the visual.


Shane has been a practising osteopath since 2005 with his professional interests, Sports Injuries, low back and pelvic pain as well as neck pain/headaches.

I am passionate about providing opportunities. Creating career pathways for our team that get them to their desired destination is a major driver of the Beyond group (the clinics I’m a part of).
In fact at Beyond, all our decisions need to make it through the filter of “does this help produce opportunities for our team”

Get clear on your vision and purpose and then run everything through that filter.

How I can help you
Strategic Growth

Growth can take on all shapes and forms. In my mind strategic growth is growth that gets you to whatever destination you desire. The key is in finding a strategy that’s right for you.
Whether it’s creating career pathways, setting up an autonomous work place, an efficient business whatever it takes to get you to where you want to be.

Team Communication

Your team are your best asset. If you can look after them, they’ll take care of your clients.

Know Your Numbers

Numbers help guide us in making educated decisions to keep us on the path of our strategic growth.

Client Experience

This is the strategy that can get you to your goal. Followers focus on their competitors and Leaders focus on their clients/customers.

Shane Bennet Clinic Mastery
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