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Clinic owner of Pro Feet Podiatry
Director of Clinic Mastery

G’Day, I’m Shane
I LOVE helping people! We started Clinic Mastery because we saw a huge need for health specific mentoring. I have personally invested a lot in business coaching and mentoring to help grow both personally and in our business. We have used our experiences, both positive and negative, through these times to create what Clinic Mastery is today. I love love love the community of open minded, passionate, generous and caring health business owners that we have created… it gives me the warm and fuzzies!

Clinic Mastery Golf with Ben Lynch
Clinic Mastery Golf with Ben Lynch
In a nutshell I love..

Melbourne, Australia. I love hanging out with my family.


My test of Character. The golf course is where I feel at home and at peace.


Happy, Healthy & Active. I’m inspired to stay active and promote health.

AFL Football

Geelong, the greatest team of all. I love Patrick Dangerfield, he should be Mayor.


Podiatry was my number one choice at school… We had a great local Podiatrist and I loved that he was able to help so many people to keep active! I grew up playing a lot of sport… tennis, footy, golf, etc and I also love helping people. It seemed like a great fit!

From there I studied at LaTrobe University and failed a subject during my second year… it was a great reality check as I hadn’t failed anything before. It sparked my work ethic and my passion and meant that I got some awesome experiences working with people as a tennis coach and also at a Sports Podiatry footwear retailer called ‘active feet’ based in Melbourne. I was surrounded with some awesome people who further inspired my journey of growth and learning.

After Uni I worked clinically at Walk On Podiatry in the Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne where I was exposed to some great mentors and empowered in the various aspects of the clinic.

Felicity, my wife, and I then looked at where we wanted to be long term, which was near the beach and specifically in Barwon Heads (near Geelong in Victoria). So we moved down and setup Pro Feet Podiatry on the Bellarine Peninsula. This is where we now live with our two sons, Jack and Charlie.

My life in business started early and has been formed through many and varied amazing mentors… I had a gap year after Uni and was asked to work at a Fruit Shop by a couple of young guys I worked with at Safeway. I was their first employee and got exposed to some amazing experiences that they had in starting up a business from scratch. They put in some huge hours and knew how to work both hard and smart.

I was then exposed to some great learnings, specifically in managing people, at active feet. Active feet had an amazing team and an even better team culture. Matt Morgan was a great mentor and someone I admire enormously.

In regards to Podiatry, Brad Dredge at Walk On Podiatry empowered me as a Clinic Manager and we invested in business coaching through my time there. We were on a path of growth and learning to provide the best outcomes for our clients and our team through systems and best practice.

We then moved to Barwon Heads and setup our first clinic location, Pro Feet Podiatry. We have since grown over time to be across 12 locations in Melbourne, Geelong and the Coast. We have a team who are amazing at what they do and have a passion for helping people (to keep active, healthy and happy!).

We have made lots of mistakes along the way but we are passionate about creating amazing experiences for our clients… this passion continues to drive us!

Invest in yourself, invest in your team and invest in your business.
It is an investment that will continue to pay you back : week on week, month on month, quarter on quarter, year on year both now and forever.

How I can help you
Practitioner Mentoring

You’ll need to performing practitioners to serve your growing client base. I’ll help you train and retain quality talent.

Leadership & Mindset

You’re going to need to be an effective leader to facilitate change. I’ll refine your vision for so that you get better outcomes.

Know Your Numbers

You’ll need to understand the key numbers in your business to make sustainable decisions. I’ll help track your numbers.

Team Member Engagement

You’ll need to engage and align your team with your vision. I’ll help you create a great place to work.

How Does Your Clinic Score?

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