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Clinic Owner of Pathways Physio
Clinic Mastery Mentor

Hi, I’m Travis
In healthcare we need not only clinical mentors, but importantly business mentors. They don’t teach you this at University. My own journey through Clinic Mastery helped me understand that abundance mindset is alive and well! Creating a collaborative and supportive healthcare environment to work is my why. The ripple effect is huge.

Clinic Mastery Golf with Ben Lynch
Ben Lynch Family
Ben Lynch Loving Coffee
Ben Lynch Sports Fanatic
Clinic Mastery Golf with Ben Lynch
In a nutshell I love..

Melbourne, Australia. I love hanging out with my wife and sons.


On a picnic rug, with a nice red, and my family. Bliss.


A weekend on the Bellarine, or Mornington Peninsula.


AFL and NBA Fantasy League Afficionado.


I have a similar story to most physiotherapists. I always loved sport growing up, but when I got into Physio and I realised how good it felt to help people, I was hooked! I am a titled physiotherapist, with qualifications : B. Physio (2003), Grad Cert. Sports Physio (2014), M. Musculoskeletal Physio (2016)

How I can help you
Team Culture

Together we are better. You’ll need your team with you, I’ll help you develop these strategies.

Leadership & Mindset

Finding clarity around your why will help you lead your team. Doing it with love is something that I can help you with.

Logistics – Clinician vs Owner

Patients. Team. Life happens. Work happens. Let me help you sort through what needs your focus right now.

Client Experience Journey

Discovering your ideal client and their ideal journey is important. I can help you systemise this so you get it right every time.

How Does Your Clinic Score?

Discover your Clinic Score & Amplify your Impact with Clinics Mastery’s Assess Your Clinic™ Scorecard. Get a rating for the 7 Degrees of Business that you need to master.