The Benefits of 7-Minute Huddles | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 003

It is very important for us healthcare professionals to be able to serve our patients with focus and care all the time. That is why we need regular team meetings or “huddles” to be able to clear the air and give encouragement to our team and team members before facing our clients.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about how seven minute team meetings can help engage and align your team so that you can give the best service you can to your clients.



“You can choose how to show up each day and you don’t wanna leave that to chance.”

“When you feel like you’re getting sick of saying something, it’s only just starting to sink in (to your team).”

“The team is the one in the front line and if they’re not in the best state, clients pick up on that.”





  • [0:02:06.2]  The four reasons why clinics should implement daily huddles
  • [0:02:54.7]  Why do we need a daily huddle to create focus for the team?
  • [0:04:15.4]  Why is it important that our team is connected?
  • [0:05:21.1]  Why do we need to celebrate wins?
  • [0:06:29.0]  Reinforcing a positive culture by celebrating wins
  • [0:07:22.6]  Doing huddles to align our team

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