The Impact of Culture and Mentors on Clinic Growth – A Clinic Owner Story | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 253

In this episode, Dr. Theresa Kidd and Karl Smith from The Kidd Clinic share the insights and lessons they’ve learned on how they’ve grown practice and how team culture and having a mentor has helped them through their journey.

They also talk about the role of branding in attracting the right types of people to your clinic and the routines and habits that keep them together as a team.

  • [00:55]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, childhood aspirations, etc.
  • [09:34]  Early days of Kidd Clinic
  • [11:50]  The Kidd Clinic now
  • [12:57]  Recruiting experience
  • [13:31]  How they made their brand attractive to potential hires
  • [17:26]  Cultural rewards of a team huddle
  • [18:58]  Standard week for a clinic owner of a large group practice
  • [23:57]  Routines that keep the clinic alive
  • [28:01]  Impact of Kidd Clinic on the community
  • [29:44]  Advice to other clinic owners
  • [32:06]  Benefits of getting a business mentor

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