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Ted Jedynak specialize in musculoskeletal therapies for the lower limbs since 1996. He created three manual therapies specialist clinic from 2002 to 2012, and sold all of those clinics in Australia in 2016. Ted retired from clinical practice since 2012 and has since focused on teaching manual therapies globally.

There are four things that we talk about in this episode. First, Ted talks about his career and business trajectory and the lessons he has learned throughout his business journey.

Second, we talk about the value of having a mentor and the difference that it can do to your business and personal life. Ted shares his story on how he met one of the most influential people in his life, his mentor, and how he has helped him recover from a bad business partnership and catapult his business to success.

Third, we talk about the importance of systems and structure in training and on-boarding team members. We talk about how McDonalds isn’t falling apart even though they are essentially ran by teenagers – all because there are systems and structure in place. Having those systems and structure also allows you to attract and retain the right talent for your business.

And lastly, we talk about how you can bring young practitioners and admin officers to a higher level in a very condensed period of time by training them. Ted talks about how you can become a quality mentor and help your staff and admin team with their personal and professional growth journey.

This episode is super jam-packed with wisdom; make sure you don’t miss out!


“If you’re going to grow your team and business, you need to be a quality mentor and teacher. If you’re not able to distill the lessons and the systems to your team, they’re not really going to thrive like you hope they would.”

“Have a mentor who has walked the journey, who has gone down the path that you want to go.”

“I have mentors because they have the ability to ask the hard questions and see things from a fresh perspective.”

“If your staff and admin team can follow system, it then means you don’t have to think about what to do next. Rather, you can think and be connected with your client.”

“Repetition is the mother of skill.”




  • [0:04:07.0]  Getting to know Ted Jedynak
  • [0:04:45.0]  How Ted’s business journey began and unfolded for him
  • [0:08:11.9]  Wisdom From McDonald’s: Establishing systems so that even teenagers can do the job right
  • [0:09:58.4]  Transitioning to Manual Therapies in Podiatry and how Ted was able to create systems and structures for that
  • [0:15:46.7]  An ugly ending to a business partnership and the importance of getting a mentor
  • [0:18:15.3]  The value of having a good mentor and winning the Telstra Business Award
  • [0:20:30.9]  How to incorporate systems into your clinic effectively
  • [0:21:46.2]  Hiring the right people for your clinic business
  • [0:25:26.5]  Recruitment and interview process of the Foot and Leg Center
  • [0:27:02.3]  Why you need to have systems in your clinic and how it can positively affect your business
  • [0:29:10.8]  Ensuring the continuity of the business culture and systems even after the business is sold
  • [0:30:00.4]  How to effectively train staff and admin team to help them deliver ‘wow’
  • [0:37:41.2]  Attract and retain quality team members
  • [0:40:05.5]  Ted talks about Foot Mobilisation Technique Training
  • [0:47:11.2]  Learn more about FMT (Foot Mobilisation Techniques) and other Foot Therapies
  • [0:49:29.0]  Ted’s advice to listeners

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