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This week, we are chatting with one of our admin mastery mentors and co-owner of PhysioWest, Rebecca Clare. Rebecca will be sharing to us her knowledge in leading an excellent admin team, how trainings can help your admin team improve their services and their overall personal growth, how to make your admin team part of the overall client experience, and her journey from being a receptionist to becoming the co-owner of PhysioWest.

If you want to know more about leading your admin team and helping them reach their full potential, make sure to check this one out!


“Just because we’re hiring someone for an admin clinical role, it doesn’t mean we need someone with admin experience. We can hire someone with legal experience or barista experience – whatever that might be – it can add a massive impact to the clinic.”



  • [0:01:38.5]  Rebecca’s background and story
  • [0:03:34.6]  Rebecca’s journey from being a receptionist to becoming co-owner of PhysioWest
  • [0:06:43.2]  How Rebecca’s background in law fits into being an operations manager of a clinic
  • [0:09:51.7]  Why Rebecca calls her receptionists “client experience officers”
  • [0:11:29.3]  Giving receptionists the power to make decisions for the clinic
  • [0:13:16.8]  How Rebecca leads their admin team
  • [0:17:45.6]  How admin training and personal mastery sessions helped their clinic create amazing client experiences
  • [0:20:27.8]  Get to know more about PhysioWest

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