The Role of Clinic Culture and Community in Recruiting Quality Talent | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 229

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 229

In just five years, A Growing Understanding has grown into a team of 21 Speech Pathologists across four locations here in Australia. When asked how they were able to reach such incredible growth, Director Lauren Haskins highlights two pivotal factors – culture and community.

This week on the podcast, Lauren talks about how clinic culture and community work together to attract quality talents and find the right clients for their clinic.

She also talks about how coaching has impacted her personal growth and business growth.

  • Rapid-fire questions: reading/learning list, who inspires you, childhood dream, motto you live by  [01:51]
  • Lauren’s journey to starting her own private practice  [05:19]
  • How A Growing Understanding has grown through the years  [12:12]
  • How to attract people who align with your culture and values  [13:45]
  • Tapping into the community to recruit the right people  [16:32]
  • How to attract the right client and build a client base  [18:16]
  • Growing the size of the team to service more clients  [19:39]
  • Lauren’s typical week as a business owner and practitioner  [21:35]
  • How coaching has impacted Lauren’s personal growth, her clinic, and their clinic culture  [26:32]
  • Why Lauren chose Clinic Mastery  [28:32]
  • Advice to new clinic owners  [32:03]
  • Advice to struggling clinic owners  [33:42]


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