The Value of Podcasting and Content Creation (with Dr. Brett Hill of The Wellness Couch) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 138

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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 138

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Brett Hill, a chiropractor, clinic owner, and a host of multiple podcast shows. In this episode, he talks about how having an online presence can benefit your business, impact people’s lives, and transform your personal life, and also gives some advice on content creation and podcasting.

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  • [0:01:06.3]  Check out Brett’s podcast shows!
  • [0:02:43.7]  Rapid fire questions: reading list, who inspires Brett, childhood aspirations, life motto
  • [0:08:12.0]  When Brett decided to become a chiropractor and own a clinic
  • [0:11:17.2]  How their brand evolved through the years
  • [0:16:47.2]  Why you shouldn’t be afraid of putting your best content/advice out there
  • [0:19:51.1]  How The Wellness Guys (podcast) grew from the bottom to taking over the number one spot
  • [0:21:38.9]  Opportunities that opened up for Brett since starting his podcast journey
  • [0:24:35.6]  Having a more diversified income source
  • [0:27:44.6]  One thing Brett would change if he could go back in time
  • [0:29:04.6]  Advice for clinic owners who feel stuck about creating content
  • [0:30:42.6]  Connect with Brett



“Don’t focus on what you can’t do, and just focus on what you can do.”






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