Tinashe Dune: From Financial Burden to Clinic for Good, and more | GYC Podcast E273

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In this episode, Tinashe shares her personal experience of imposter syndrome and struggling financially.

We discuss the importance of seeking advice and support, which ultimately leads to a positive change in life and business. Tinashe reflects on her clinic transformation and how knowing her numbers was the catalyst.

Tune in to hear this inspiring story of overcoming imposter syndrome and success from knowing your worth.

  • “I’ve put in so much time and money and effort. Surely there’s gotta be an opportunity for me to be able to get some help and some mentorship.”
  • “Maybe failure is trying to carry everything on your own and not then connecting with others. Maybe that is where things aren’t necessarily going to go well for you if you just try to be Atlas and carry the world.”
  • “But what is your worth? Don’t you deserve to sleep at night? Don’t you deserve to enjoy your children, to enjoy your pregnancy, to enjoy the holiday that you’d been waiting for for years?”
  • “What I love is those numbers ultimately end up in financial resources that you can invest in the client experience, invest in the team experience, and of course, take home something meaningful for you and your family, because that’s important.”
  • “We are a Clinic for Good and we are connecting to people who might not necessarily feel that they can be included in some other mental health spaces.”
  • “There is only winning or learning, there is no losing.”

00:00 Intro

01:34 Imposter syndrome

10:15 Mindset shift from debt to resourcefulness

12:13 Choosing to invest in mentorship

15:35 The first meaningful action towards clinic growth

18:29 Getting comfortable with clinic numbers/finances

20:41 How profit and loss guides project planning

21:33 Being Clinic for Good (working with purpose)

27:51 Balancing family and clinic life

32:04 Mastery is continuous learning

34:17 Advice for other clinic owners

37:30 Connect with Tinashe

Connect with Tinashe

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