Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 141

Sarah Moore from Eleven Media Lights joins us on this episode to talk about how you can use social media to elevate your business, reinforce your brand to your audience, and gain more clients. She also gives some tips on how to create video content, how to gain more followers, and what social media platforms you should use for your business.

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  • [0:01:06.4]  Connect with Sarah
  • [0:01:44.0]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, who inspires you, childhood aspirations, life motto
  • [0:04:19.3]  The story behind Eleven Lights Media and how Sarah got into the media industry
  • [0:09:50.4]  Creating content that elevates your business
  • [0:12:05.1]  Common mistakes that people make when it comes to content creation
  • [0:14:15.0]  Putting your brand into your content
  • [0:17:31.3]  Sarah’s favorite online social platforms
  • [0:20:06.9]  Why Sarah loves Instagram
  • [0:22:43.0]  How to gain organic followers on Instagram
  • [0:27:19.5]  Tips for creating video content
  • [0:30:00.9]  Get to know more about Sarah and her work



“These days, industries are very saturated, and I don’t mean that to be a negative thing. I just mean we have to find different ways to differentiate ourselves [in the market]. And I no longer believe that it’s about the things we offer, but rather who we are as a business.”






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