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We’ve often viewed our admin team through the lens of function. There are some who are referring their admin team as a necessary overhead.

But they are not! They are rather the linchpin that our client experience hang of. They are a vital component.

And the beauty of admin mastery is that not only it covers the function elements of the job description of an admin team member, but also requires that mindset of personal development, abundant approach in creating amazing experience to grow clinic.


How to Bring the Best out of your Admin Team

The key is having a regular strategy sessions which reinforces that constant wanting to improve each team member and to improve the way the team operates.

Here’s some tips on how the strategy sessions brings out the best of your admin team:



As a clinic owner, you can be the bottleneck  in your clinic and can provide all the answers to your team, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to grow. During the strategy sessions, your admin team will be empowered to come up with solutions together. And you will be surprised that in some extent, they will have solutions before you even picked that there’s a problem.


They would then feel a sense of ownership over that solution. And you get the team communicating rather than them just coming to you.


 Whenever you are away to lead the strategy sessions, you can let your admin team lead the session. It should be for the whole group, not only for the admin team but also, for the therapists or practitioners as well. That will make them feel that they really are a valued member of the team.


Adding Value to the Client

 Since the admin team and the practitioner team will be together on this strategy sessions, there will be constant communication between them. It will build a great team rather than a divided ones. An admin team member might know intimate details of the clinic and the client which then they can hand on to the therapist. They interact on the phone or pick up the little mannerisms of the client that would really help the practitioner add more value to the client.



Traditionally, an admin role is one that’s a bit transient but if you empower them, they’re gonna really own that role and they’re gonna go away as a professional. Professionals don’t clock off at five o’clock and go home. Even at coffee shops, they might see awesome client experience and actually take the idea to the clinic and put that in place.

It’s about them owning role and constantly seeing the world around them and relating it back to the workplace. You, as owners, are not the only ones who should be doing it. Your whole team should be doing it.

Check out Rebecca Clare’s story from being a receptionist to become the co-owner of PhysioWest, and her insights on leading an excellent admin team.

“Just because we’re hiring for an admin clinical role, it doesn’t mean we need someone with admin experience. We can hire someone with legal or barista experience - whatever that might be - it can add a massive impact to the clinic.” Click To Tweet

The Admin Team are really the gatekeepers to a lot of clinics and a lot of businesses, no matter the field that you’re in. Empower them and train them to be really effective in their role.


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