As a health professional & small business owner, you’re effectively juggling multiple careers!

You’re a practitioner, manager and entrepreneur, rolled into one.
Your attention is split and sometimes scattered – maintaining and developing your clinic, providing the best client experience, managing staff, marketing, doing the books and still trying to find time to get a haircut.
You’re dedicated to going above and beyond for your clients. There’s nothing you won’t do to put the care back in healthcare and uphold the reputation of your clinic. It’s your baby, after all.
You work hard and deserve to succeed. But…

How do you maintain Momentum & Excellence?

…especially of you have a team or are looking to expand?
Well, there’s only one way. Structure.
There’s a great saying that represents this approach, “Plan the Work, Work the Plan”.
As a health practitioner, the ultimate goal is to serve your clients in the best possible way. But as a business owner, you have to put your strategy hat on to find a way…

to CONSISTENTLY deliver a high standard of health care & client experience.

Creating a structure that allows you to improve your client experience in a way that’s consistently great (and realistic to provide) is crucial. By outlining and then following a structured plan, you can maximise your efforts and focus your attention on the things that matter.

Having a plan creates clarity around what’s most important in your client’s experience and how you can improve it.

Plans also boost the confidence of your team, allowing them to identify the ways in which they’re contributing to the business and lives of clients in a meaningful way. This ultimately strengthens their connection, engagement and alignment with the bigger vision and outcomes you’ve defined.
As a health business owner, have you ever struggled with encouraging your clients to see other practitioners in your clinic? I did at first, but I found that when we shifted our entire focus to providing the best experience for our clients everything else suddenly started to fall into place.
It took a deliberate plan and good communication, but the result was a culture where it didn’t matter who the client saw, they were given a consistently great experience each time, and we continued to see raving fans in our clinic.
As well as following the plan, it’s also important to track how well you’re doing along the way. By establishing benchmarks, you’ll keep sight of what matters and not fall victim to distraction or overwhelm (juggling the roles of practitioner, manager and entrepreneur is an impressive circus trick but risky for long-term focus).

If you fail to plan, it’s easy to become distracted by unimportant tasks, ultimately creating Chaos.

By taking the time to create solid systems, you (and your team) get focused, aligned and work progressively towards success. They’re the smart way to grow your clinic and provide the best service to your clients – while offering you financial growth and personal flexibility.
It’s important to distinguish…

Plans don’t take time; they make time.

Choose to follow a structure, get focused and give your attention to what really matters, because if you don’t, your chaos can never become clarity.

Want more?

Building and structuring a great client experience is a key part of becoming a successful health professional and clinic owner.
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