Transforming Healthcare With Immersive Virtual Reality Tech | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 254

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 254

This week on the podcast, Christian Doran, Founder & CEO of RecoveryVR, talks to us about how immersive VR technologies can transform the way you do your therapy and rehab treatments and how patients are responding to treatment plans that incorporate these immersive VR technologies.

  • [01:46]  Icebreaker q’s – reading list, who inspires you, motto to live by
  • [04:23]  How Christian founded his tech company and what VR is/isn’t
  • [09:00]  Nintendo Wii vs. Immersive VR – what’s the difference?
  • [13:59]  Rehab/recovery cases where VR can be useful
  • [21:23]  How do patients respond to using VR for therapy?
  • [26:18]  What to look forward to for RecoveryVR
  • [31:47]  Learn more about RecoveryVR!

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