Using Cloud-Based Tech For Better Workflow and Systems | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 233

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 233

This week on the podcast, we chat with ITGenius’s CEO Scott Gellatly about cloud-based technologies that we can integrate into our clinic systems so that we can streamline our workflow and give more time towards helping more people.

We also talk about Google Suite and Google Data Studio and how we can use them to improve our processes, ensuring the privacy and security of our clinic data, the benefits of using AI tech in our clinic, and many more. Check out the full episode!

  • [02:02]  Rapid-fire questions: reading/learning list, who inspires you, childhood dream, motto you live by
  • [08:57]  Creating a business with an exit strategy in mind
  • [12:42]  Recommended tools for small businesses 
  • [15:35]  Why use cloud-based tech?
  • [18:30]  Other technologies that are useful for a clinic business
  • [20:22]  What is a VoIP and how can clinics use it?
  • [24:36]  Google Data Studio and how it can be useful for your business
  • [25:36]  The future of businesses with AI tech
  • [27:42]  How to ensure privacy and security of data in small businesses
  • [29:11]  Get in touch with ITGenius
  • [29:58]  Advice to clinic owners


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