In this episode, Silvia Pfeiffer introduces a video consultation tool called Coviu which you can integrate into your clinic’s workflow so that you may help your clients anywhere and anytime.


“They don’t have to install anything – they just click on the link that they got in the email, then they enter it in their browser.”
“Coviu is quite simple to use and to install because you only need a web browser to run it and a webcam.”
“Often, we are held back or we’re fearful of the technology, when the reality is that that isn’t the biggest barrier. What is one of the barriers is getting our mindset around how to develop client experiences.”



  • [0:00:46.4]  Silvia’s background and what Coviu is all about
  • [0:02:30.0]  How Coviu works for less well-known health professions (e.g. speech pathology, occupational therapy, mental health, etc.)
  • [0:06:32.6]  Convenient features of Coviu
  • [0:07:44.4]  How brick and mortar practices are incorporating telehealth – is it a viable option and can it grow your clinic?
  • [0:10:28.4]  Is Coviu simple enough for the average health professional?
  • [0:13:05.8]  Learn more about Coviu and Silvia

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