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Ryan McCathie talks about his exercise physiology journey, how he networks through LinkedIn, and how it has helped his clinic achieve their goals.


“Smell (clinic’s scent) has a great emotional attachment to patients, so we make sure our smell is quite regular.”
“If one person’s asking it, there’s probably a dozen others that are thinking it, that have never gotten around to asking it.”
“I don’t argue on social media. It wastes your time.”



  • [0:00:44.6]  Introducing Ryan McCathie
  • [0:01:22.2]  What is exercise physiology and how Ryan ended up studying it
  • [0:01:57.8]  Common chronic conditions Ryan and his team usually deal with
  • [0:02:44.7]  Why Ryan chose exercise physiology as a profession
  • [0:04:02.8]  Why private practice?
  • [0:05:39.1]  How Ryan ended up with his own clinic
  • [0:06:58.1]  About the Hunter Rehabilitation and Health
  • [0:07:41.5]  Some elements of the client experience that Ryan has focused on and maximized
  • [0:09:10.7]  How HRH gets feedback from patients
  • [0:09:51.9]  Genre of music played in HRH’s welcome room
  • [0:11:08.1]  Are special treatments really worth it?
  • [0:12:17.6]  How Ryan successfully grew his exercise physiology clinic
  • [0:14:19.6]  Ryan’s LinkedIn strategy
  • [0:16:21.7]  What to publish on LinkedIn
  • [0:17:48.5]  How Ryan comes up with ideas for his content
  • [0:19:05.1]  Overcoming the fear of being in front of the camera
  • [0:22:15.5]  Some posts that have created the most engagement on LinkedIn
  • [0:24:15.2]  Handling debates on LinkedIn posts
  • [0:26:08.0]  Has LinkedIn contributed to the growth of HRH?
  • [0:27:58.3]  Learn more about Hunter Rehabilitation and Health

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