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Julian Connett from Newcastle Creative Co. joins us this week for an episode on website, web design and graphic design. He’s going to teach us how to best leverage a website to drive outcomes for your clinic and for your business.

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“It might be one aspect of your service that sets you apart from the rest, and let’s try and hone in on that.”
“What happens online needs to reflect what happens in the clinic.”
“You budget for ongoing costs.”
“If you’re website isn’t there, you’re missing out on new clients.”



  • [0:01:06.9]  Getting to know Julian Connett and how he ended up in graphic and web design
  • [0:02:19.0]  Businesses Julian ran himself
  • [0:03:03.8]  The process of designing a website
  • [0:05:00.2]  Why do we need a website?
  • [0:06:15.0]  Pros and cons of website builders (e.g. Wix, Weebly, etc.)
  • [0:07:55.8]  Julian’s preferred web platform and some key elements in a WordPress site that all websites should have
  • [0:10:20.5]  Common mistakes people make when it comes to design
  • [0:11:29.1]  Things you must ask a graphic designer before you hire them
  • [0:13:11.1]  Best practices around budgets and time frames
  • [0:16:25.4]  Price brackets for different types of websites
  • [0:19:54.5]  Learn more about Julian and Newcastle Creative Co.

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