Does Your Welcome Pack Add Value?!

A really common question that clinic owners ask us is, should they have a welcome pack for new clients, and if so, what should they include in their welcome pack.

You might be wondering if it is worthwhile to use a welcome pack, and the answer is YES, yes it is.

However, we notice that many clinic owners struggle with creating a welcome pack that is actually valuable for your clientele.

You end up putting together odd bits and pieces, most of it going straight into the trash shortly after the client receives it.

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As a result of solving this problem for other clinic owners in our Business Academy, we’ve decided to share in this article how you create a welcome pack that is valuable for your clientele!

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Why Do We Use A Welcome Pack

You probably started your clinic because you wanted to ‘do things better’…

You probably had some great ideas about the health services and the client care experiences you could offer to stand out, to be different!

Well, a client welcome pack is a great way for you to deliver the health and care in a surprise, delight and wow kind of way.

You need to understand the core elements of why we would use a welcome pack in the first place:

  1. Educate – Help people better understand their health
  2. Inspire – Help people to make a change in their health habits/routines
  3. Entertain – Help people find the joy in focusing on their health
  4. Escapism – Help people break the cycle/pattern of sterile health/medical experiences
  5. Aesthetic – Help people associate your brand as the best healthcare option

Above all else, you must think practically.

Think about what’s useful and adds value to your client’s health and care outcomes/experiences.

Attracting Better Patients
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When Do You ‘Gift’ Your Welcome Pack?

How Does Your Clinic Score?

We suggest you do it after your client’s initial consultation.

Ideally you would do it directly after the appointment and it can be done by your admin.

It’s usually handed to your clients after their rebooking and payment has been made.

Your welcome pack is your parting gift with your client as they leave from their first visit.

Or, if you’re happy to pay for some postage, why not make it a real surprise and send to their home address 1-3 days after their visit. (there is a commercial and financial consideration here…)

Two Components of the Welcome Pack

Remember, it’s all about adding value to your clients health and care!

Think about what would help them get a better result quicker and stay that way for longer.

Think about the products and services they may need or already be using and include them in your welcome pack.

*Disclaimer – Clinic Mastery serve a large volume and wide variety of health professionals in business, hence the spread of ideas in the list below. 

1 of 2 – Practical / Tangible Resources

The first component of the welcome pack is something really practical in it’s use and tangible in it’s value.

We’re looking at products, services and experiences that enhance your client’s life.

Think of the material and physical value of an item, that’s what you’re looking to offer here.

  1. Products that Add Client Value

    1. Self-Help Exercise – Functional Resources
      1. Lacrosse/Golf/Tennis/Squash/Trigger/Massage ball
      2. Theraband/Resistance Bands
      3. Fidget Cube
      4. Apps/software e.g. Physitrack
    2. Accessory Lifestyle Items – Practical Resources
      1. Sports training towel/sweat bands/training bag
      2. Water bottle/Shake bottle
      3. Mug/Cup
      4. Exercise Mat
      5. Creams/lotions and Skin/Blister Care
      6. Product Samplers
      7. Books/Guides/Recipies/Instructional resources
      8. Sleeping Masks/sleeping ear plugs
      9. Functional Socks/Shoe Laces
      10. Tapes – Rigid/Flexible
      11. Hot/Cold Packs
      12. Tooth brush/floss/toothpaste/dental stick
      13. Pumice stone/nail file
      14. Essential oils/candles/diffusers
  2. Services that Add Client Value

    1. Your Additional Services – Special offer/trial/discount/voucher
      1. Classes e.g. Pilates, Yoga, Strength Conditioning
      2. Services e.g. Assessments/Special Consultations
      3. Courses e.g. online, offline/in person – share your knowledge
    2. Your New Services – Special offer/trial/discount/voucher
      1. New technology/equipment launch
      2. New skills/knowledge/technique launch
  3. Business Partners that Add Value

    1. Partners Products & Services
      1. Your referral network/partners (e.g. other health professionals or joint venture business partners) have value to offer your clients. They may have low cost, no cost product or service offerings they’re willing to share with you. They know how much it costs to acquire a new client for their business so they may be happy to give you the value to pass on so that you help fill their business with new clients/customers.
      2. E.g. Gym pass, Personal Training Session, Shoe voucher, Functional assessments, massage vouchers, related products etc


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2 of 2 – Induction / Orientation Education

  1. Your Welcome Note
    1. Welcome your new clients to the clinic and express your gratitude for them choosing you and trusting you with their health care.
  2. Client Treatment Recommendation / Management plan
    1. Include the management plan that they client will commit to, in order for them to achieve their ultimate outcome.
  3. Novelty / Character / Quirk (still keep it function, useful, practical)
    1. Happy Socks
    2. Recipes e.g. Juices, Health foods
    3. Referral cards e.g. we’d love to help a family member, friend, team mate or colleague.
    4. Stickers, apparel etc


Where To Source Welcome Pack Materials

How Does Your Clinic Score?

You’re probably wondering where you might be able to source some of the products or resources to put into your welcome pack.

Here are some useful places to look:

  1. Alibaba – here
    1. Bulk buy all goods from the packs to the equipment resources for clients
  2. Oz Sticker Prnting – here
    1. Get custom stickers made
  3. Canva – here
    1. For creating beautifully designed logos, graphics or readable resources
  4. Fiverr – here
    1. For getting freelancers to create customs graphics or resources


How Much Should Your Welcome Pack Cost to Produce?

First of all, the welcome pack is ‘free’ for the client.

They do not have an ‘extra’ charge or pay for the welcome pack in addition to their health care product or service.

What we are discussing here is the commercial reality of preparing a welcome pack for distribution to your clients.

The key distinction here is that the welcome pack should be reflective of your ‘brand’.

It should be consistent with your experience, service quality and delivery, your website and social presence etc

So while ‘cost’ is real and important, don’t be stingy because it reflects your brand!

Our rule of thumb is to do 10-15% of your initial consultation fee.

The reason is that we are assuming that you’ll see that client many more times throughout the following weeks and hopefully years.

Investing in your client’s experience is very worthwhile.

We’d also expect that your Welcome Pack is the tip of the ‘Client Experience’ iceburg that you’ll be transforming, so your fee should also reflect the additional value.

Business Academy Resources

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Welcome Pack!

You don’t need to include all of the products and services above!

Avoid making it like a show bag or conference satchel where there’s a whole lot of ‘garbage’, literally, people will just toss it into the bin.

Here are some things to consider for making an impact with your welcome pack.

Clever One Percent’ers – 1 %

  • Make the box or bag have a second or subsequent use/life – make it functionally recyclable.
  • Buy in bulk with a colleague/partner to save money.
  • Get your clients to take a picture and use your social media handles and hashtags. They can post it to win something, or it could just be your request that “it would mean the world is you shared your experience with our community by posting a picture etc”.
How Does Your Clinic Score?


You probably started your clinic because you wanted to ‘do things better’…

You probably had some great ideas about the health services and the client care experiences you could offer to stand out, to be different!

Well, a client welcome pack is a great way for you to deliver the health and care in a surprise, delight and wow kind of way.

Remember to keep your welcome pack functional, usable and practical.

These element help create value for the client.

Offer and deliver incredible value with your welcome packs so that you help your clients get better quicker and stay that way for longer.

If you’d like help customising your welcome pack and the rest of your client experience, perhaps you’d like to know more about becoming a member of our Business Academy.

We’d love to know what you include in your welcome packs! Leave a comment below 🙂

Until next time,
Live with Passion & Serve with Care

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