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Welcome to the Grow My Clinic Podcast by Clinic Mastery, where we help you deliver amazing client experiences to grow your clinic!

In this episode, we’ll be giving you insights on what you can expect from this podcast series, an inside scoop to some of the guests we’ll be having on the show and other things you can look forward to on this podcast.

We’re gonna make sure these episodes are really short, sharp and practical. You can expect ten-minute episodes where we’re gonna be giving you actionable tips to make sure you can implement straight away in your business.

We’re hoping to deliver great value and excellent content that could help you grow your clinic business without compromising great client experience, so stick with us in the coming episodes!



“Hey, we’re in business. You’ve gotta understand the money and you’ve gotta know what comes in, what goes out, so that you can continue to grow at the rate that you wish.” -Ben





  • [0:00:45.6]  What clinic owners can expect from the Grow My Clinic podcast
  • [0:01:43.3]  The Clinic Mastery approach to growing your clinic business
  • [0:03:31.6]  Some of the guests you can look forward to in the following episodes
  • [0:05:58.6]  Clinic Mastery courses and events
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