What Does It Take to Be An Award-Winning Clinic? (with Jasmine Hulls) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 146

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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 146

In this episode, Jasmine Hulls talks about her story, from being an academic underdog to becoming the owner of an award winning physio clinic, the Physio Group South West. She talks about the challenges she had to face in starting her own clinic and why coaching and team building are key factors in moving your business forward.



  • [0:01:38.8]  About Physio Group South West
  • [0:02:52.4]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, who inspires her, childhood inspiration, motto she lives by
  • [0:06:56.3]  How Jasmine got into physio
  • [0:09:10.0]  Why Jasmine doesn’t want to work in a private practice
  • [0:13:01.3]  Overcoming insecurities and being more open to challenges
  • [0:14:15.2]  Challenges and rewards of being a clinic owner and why she eventually decided to own a clinic
  • [0:20:02.4]  Physio Group South West (and beyond)
  • [0:24:09.6]  How Clinic Mastery changed Jasmine’s life
  • [0:29:13.7]  Tangible impacts of coaching
  • [0:31:16.0]  Team activities that increase team morale
  • [0:33:30.7]  The cost of skipping team building activities
  • [0:35:04.7]  Marketing keys to clinic growth
  • [0:36:53.6]  Staying connected through social media
  • [0:38:29.3]  Jasmine’s advice for her younger self
  • [0:40:15.1]  Connect with Jasmine and her team



“Go in with curiosity.”






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