What is a Clinic ‘Culture Day’ and How to Organize One | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 204


In this episode, Pete and Ben talk about Culture Day and how you can organize one with your team. They also talk about how to encourage your team members to attend clinic events like this and how to make team building events successful and productive.

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  • What is a ‘Culture Day’?  [01:47]
  • Planning your culture day  [03:23]
  • How to encourage team members to be present on ‘Culture Day’  [09:14]
  • Examples of themes for Culture Day  [11:26]
  • Quotes to inspire better communication  [14:05]

“Be kind first; be right later.”


If you need help in organizing a Culture Day for your team, reach out to Ben at ben@clinicmastery.com and we’ll connect you to a team member who can help organize the day with you.

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