What to Expect When Running a Product-Based Business (w/ Hamish Vickerman, Founder of Fasciitis Fighter) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 130

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 130

Hamish Vickerman, the Founder of Fasciitis Fighter, takes us into the process of how wellness equipment are produced and distributed. He shares some insights on designing a product, creating a prototype, sourcing for manufacturers and suppliers, marketing, and also shares how they were able to come up with their product and how they were able to overcome the problems they encountered throughout the production and distribution process.

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  • [0:01:23.7]  Rapid-fire questions: mentors, current activities, etc.
  • [0:05:08.7]  How Hamish got interested in Physio
  • [0:07:47.6]  What inspired Hamish to start Fasciitis Fighter
  • [0:08:36.3]  About plantar fasciopathy
  • [0:10:08.0]  Product conception phase
  • [0:12:37.5]  Biggest lessons learned in developing a product prototype
  • [0:14:20.7]  Learn more about Fasciitis Fighter
  • [0:16:27.3]  How to source for manufacturers, suppliers, etc. for your product
  • [0:18:42.3]  Sourcing internationally vs. locally
  • [0:20:49.3]  The difference between running a product-based business and running a clinic
  • [0:24:01.4]  How much work can you expect when you’re running a product-based business?
  • [0:25:10.2]  How Hamish interacts with referral partners
  • [0:25:43.9]  Will there be more products soon?
  • [0:27:26.1]  A word of advice for the listeners
  • [0:28:38.5]  Connect with Hamish!






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