When Life Gives You Lemons: Stacey Copas on the Power of Resilience and Gratitude | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 131

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 131

Stacey Copas is an International Keynote Speaker and Facilitator on finding the opportunity in change and adversity, and the author of How To Be Resilient.

Unlike many resilience experts, Stacey is not an academic or psychologist. Instead, she takes you on a journey to teach her framework of resilience which is based on the life experience of overcoming the adversity of becoming quadriplegic at 12 years old.

This episode is full of inspiration and wisdom on how to rise above challenging situations. Check out the full episode to learn more!


Trigger warning: This episode contains conversations about suicide and alcoholism. Please proceed with caution.

If you are currently experiencing a personal crisis, you may get in touch with the good people at Lifeline Australia.




  • [0:03:46.3]  Rapid-fire questions: current reading list, who inspires you, childhood dreams, favorite motto
  • [0:09:22.8]  Stacey’s story and how it affected her life and all her future plans
  • [0:13:36.3]  How Stacey coped with the accident that changed her life
  • [0:15:36.8]  A turning point in Stacey’s life
  • [0:18:06.4]  On gratitude and taking responsibility and how a simple mindset shift can change the course of your life
  • [0:22:26.1]  When did Stacey decide to be an inspiration speaker and share her story?
  • [0:25:01.2]  How to better coach your team and help them through hard times
  • [0:27:54.6]  A Framework for Resilience
  • [0:31:22.5]  How writing in a journal helps Stacey process life – and how it can help you, too
  • [0:35:54.9]  The benefits of writing in a journal
  • [0:38:14.5]  The story behind Stacey’s very red and prominent brand
  • [0:44:24.1]  How Stacey came up with her unique and inspiring brand
  • [0:48:02.3]  Parting message for the listeners



“The thing with inspiration is that people usually look for it externally, and I found that if your primary source of your inspiration doesn’t come from within, it’s not sustainable.”






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