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Create World-Class Admin Teams
We Help Clinic Owners Attract, Train & Retain Quality Admin Teams
Greater Consistency across the team

To Grow Your Clinic Sustainably It’s Important to develop high performing admin teams who consistently deliver great experiences for patients. We’ve developed a framework to help you Attract, Train and Retain Quality admin so that they create more raving fans. If you want sustainable growth, you need to invest in your team and actively collaborate with each person to create win:win:win outcomes. We love helping you create the systems to allow your admin to focus on the personal engagement with your patients!

Transform client experiences and create more raving fans
Reduce the Admin Reliance on you and develop #Adminlegends
Not from Mum & Dad

It’s likely you’ve trained your team on what they need to do… Sometime they just need to hear it from someone else (just like the kids don’t listen to mum or dad). Perhaps we have some distinctions to add to your training that could take your teams performance to the next level. Here’s a couple of options.

Private Training

Have one of the Clinic Mastery team come to you to give a personalised experience to refine the approach to your clinic.

Online Training

Have access to the training modules and private online community to support your admin transform client experiences

It Gives Us The Warm & Fuzzies…
To create a community of clinic owners who passionately show up to lead inspired teams, find progressive ways to transform client experiences and are purpose driven about building Clinics for Good™
What A Time To Be Alive!
How would you feel if your admin team we’re reaching a Performer Level Benchmark? We believe that we can do great things together and if you’re up for the challenge we’d love to help you Lead a High Performing Team. You’re only a few smart decisions and strategic changes away from making this a reality.

Converting > 80% new enquiries


Receiving > 8/10 on Net Promoter Score NPS


Nurturing >80% client rebooking


Reducing half of account receivable

Raising $

Raising $8k for Clinics For Good