We love helping
Purpose Driven Clinic Owners!
We Help Clinic Owners Navigate Each Stage of Business

To Grow Your Clinic sustainably It’s Important to do the right thing at the right time to based on your level of mastery and stage of business. We’ve developed a methodology to help you Grow Your Clinic based on your current level of Mastery. Take the Assess Your Clinic scorecard to know your level of mastery within each of the 7 degrees.


Feels In Reaction.
At the Stage of Knowing What to Do to Launch.


Feels In Progress.
At the Stage of Doing What You Know Consistently.


Feels In control.
At the Stage of Refining What You Do for Results.


Feels In Flow.
At the Stage of Leveraging What You Do for Scale.

Build a Clinic for Good
Identify how to perform better in each of the 7 Degrees to craft a well-rounded business & life so that you can Amplify Your Impact!
We enjoy working with clinic owners who are:

Have the humility to learn from the community and take massive imperfect action.

Purpose Driven

Have a vision beyond just serving yourself and create a clinic to amplify your impact.


Bring the best version of yourself to your work and help others to do the same. Be Proud and prioritise experiencing fulfilment in what you create.

We're Building Clinics for Good™
It Gives Us The Warm & Fuzzies… To create a community of clinic owners who passionately show up to lead inspired teams, find progressive ways to transform client experiences and are purpose driven about building Clinics for Good™
What A Time To Be Alive!
How would you feel if you hit the Clinic Mastery Performer Level Benchmark? We believe that we can do great things together and if you’re up for the challenge we’d love to help you Amplify Your Impact. You’re only a few smart decisions and strategic changes away from making this a reality.

Consulting < 3 days per week


Living > 3 x meaningful holidays per year


Earning > $300k profit per annum


Building > $3 million in wealth


Giving > $30k per annum

How do you score?
You wouldn’t prescribe your patient a treatment without first completing an assessment. Same goes in business, let’s start here…
Grow Your Clinic Sustainably

The 7 Degrees provides framework to sustainably Grow Your Clinic.

Once you’ve completed the Assess Your Clinic Scorecard you will receive a tailored report to guide you’re next steps to Grow Your Clinic ™.


Find your balance


Extract more joy, fulfilment and growth


Attract, Train and Retain quality people


Reduce the reliance on you


Get Cashed Up and Grow Sustainably


Attract More Ideal Clients, Partners and Team Members.


Retain and Create More Raving Fans

How Does Your Clinic Score?
Get a rating for the 7 Degrees of Business that you need to master.