Why Data Matters and How Tech Can Improve ROI (with Stephen King) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 147

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 147

Stephen King, Founder of Strength By Numbers, talks about the concept of data-driven healthcare and how the AxIT System can help you assess more accurately and help your clients get amazing outcomes. He also explains how data can help you improve your services and fees.

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  • [0:02:16.2]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, childhood aspiration, mentors, life motto or mantra
  • [0:05:28.0]  About Stephen’s clinic and his company, Strength By Numbers
  • [0:06:48.4]  What a clinician/business owner’s schedule looks like on a monthly basis
  • [0:08:41.6]  About the AxIT System and how it came about
  • [0:12:08.2]  Making data easier to use and understand in a clinical setting
  • [0:13:14.1]  How data accuracy can affect your business
  • [0:14:19.0]  How data helps improve client experience
  • [0:15:51.6]  How can technology improve the ROI of clinics?
  • [0:18:01.2]  Some case studies of the effect of data on business growth
  • [0:19:22.3]  What is “meaningful data”?
  • [0:20:25.9]  Normative and Comparative data
  • [0:22:25.9]  How to make good use of the data you’ve gathered
  • [0:25:46.9]  How clinic owners are using the AxIT System to improve the ROI of their clinic and client experience
  • [0:28:17.4]  Know more about the AxIT System and Stephen King



“If you’re not measuring, then you’re guessing.”






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