Why You Can’t Be Everyone’s Best Friend (and Other Insights on Leadership) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 133

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 133

In this episode, clinic owner and podiatrist, Kate Heslop (Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic) shares some insights on leading a team, creating a thriving (and sellable) clinic, the importance of growing with your business, and many more!



  • [0:01:35.7]  Rapid-fire questions: reading list, life heroes, childhood aspirations, life motto
  • [0:04:57.0]  What the first six months of owning a clinic looks like
  • [0:06:33.2]  How Kate’s business has grown
  • [0:08:19.0]  Insights on leadership: why being everyone’s best friend isn’t always the way to go
  • [0:09:52.0]  Growing your clinic: social media strategies, systems, policies and procedures
  • [0:12:52.5]  On leading by example
  • [0:15:03.5]  On selling a clinic
  • [0:20:18.9]  Having a clinic that continues to thrive while you’re on vacay
  • [0:22:02.8]  Get yourself a team that would celebrate your personal wins
  • [0:25:42.1]  What Kate’s weekly schedule look like as a business owner
  • [0:27:24.4]  Kate’s future plans for her clinic
  • [0:29:05.4]  Connect with Kate and her team



“I learned very quickly that being everyone’s best friend is not always the way to go. I’m a people-pleaser by nature but as a leader and business owner, you must be able to balance things out.”






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