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This week on the podcast, we are going to talk about why we need systems in our clinic and how to implement them.


“A good system beats a great person.”
“If you can systemize and document… you can hand it over with the right accountability.”



  • [0:00:47.2]  Why systems #1: A good system beats a great person
  • [0:01:16.5]  Why systems #2: Systems can be outworked regardless of who’s there
  • [0:01:40.2]  Why systems #3: If the team changes – someone leaves, someone’s sick, etc. – the systems stay the same
  • [0:02:11.2]  Why systems #4: Systems allow you to work on your business, not in it
  • [0:03:18.5]  Why systems #5: Increased level of service delivery
  • [0:03:53.0]  Why systems #6: Systems are the formation of new habits
  • [0:04:21.0]  Why systems #7: Systems free us to think about the next opportunity
  • [0:05:50.7]  Action step

If you need help creating systems and/or making systems work, you can reach out to us and join us in our Business Academy. We’re going to teach you how to implement and track them so that they don’t end up dusty on the shelf.

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