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jordan walsh on the grow your clinic podcast

This week on the podcast, we chat with Jordan Walsh, founder of Adelaide Green Clean and Iconic Growth. Jordan started getting cleaning contracts while he was in finishing his law degree, and eventually turned it into a multi-million dollar business when he was very young. He won Telstra Business of the Year in 2016 with Adelaide Green Clean, and has since left to start Iconic Growth, which is a business consulting firm for high level entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we talk about the key factors needed to accelerate the growth of a business, and how Jordan coaches different types of business owners. We also dive into the key principles to scaling a business, managing multiple businesses, stress management tips and the importance of taking action on the opportunities in front of you.

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“I believe a business comes down to how dynamic the founder of that business is. They have to be someone who can relate to all types of people.”

“When you meet with someone and you’re nervous, outline the reason for the meeting at the start.”

“If you’re meeting with a potential client, the last thing they want you to do is waste their time.”

“A lot of people that I see in business, when they’re starting out, they do a lot of relaxation time. That’s understandable, but the practicality is when you’re starting a business, especially in the early stages, you don’t really have the luxury to do that because if you don’t do it, no one else would do it.”



  • [0:04:01.0]  How Jordan got into business
  • [0:05:17.7]  Commercial elements of being a lawyer, studying Environmental Law in New York
  • [0:06:39.0]  Jordan’s first cleaning contract
  • [0:10:34.5]  Scaling the cleaning business
  • [0:13:20.8]  AsiaFest and cleaning up for 100 events
  • [0:15:58.3]  How Jordan markets for his business and gets clients
  • [0:19:35.7]  Networking and leadership advice for shy or timid business owners
  • [0:22:09.6]  The importance of preparing for meetings
  • [0:24:30.4]  What happened after Jordan left Adelaide Green Clean, founding Iconic Growth and investments he’s made
  • [0:27:53.8]  How he manages his life with multiple businesses and ways to manage stress as a business owner
  • [0:30:20.5]  A common mistake made by new business owners
  • [0:33:07.4]  Key Principles for Scaling a Business #1: Execute
  • [0:34:54.9]  Key Principles for Scaling a Business #2: Create a strong brand
  • [0:35:53.2]  Key Principles for Scaling a Business #3: Space
  • [0:36:05.0]  Key Principles for Scaling a Business #4: Mechanics of the business
  • [0:37:40.6]  One piece of advice for new business owners
  • [0:41:43.9]  Connect with Jordan

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