Yves Silveira: solo clinic start in granny flat, recruitment gold mine, and more | GYC Podcast E262

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 262

In this episode, we sit down with Yves Silviera, Practice Principal, and Owner of YS Physiotherapy, as he shares his journey of growing his clinic from humble beginnings in his parents’ granny flat to a thriving standalone location.

We delve into how Yves works with student interns in their clinic and how he created an internship model that prepares them for a successful career. Yves also reveals the importance of having a mentor and how it helped him scale his business.

Lastly, we discuss how Yves nurtures and retains team members to maintain a cohesive and successful clinic culture.

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:17 – Yves’ Bio
  • 01:20 – Starting YS Physio in a granny flat
  • 04:38 – Recruitment gold mine (hint: student interns)
  • 09:23 – Journey to the first standalone clinic
  • 12:05 – YS Physio’s team structure
  • 12:59 – How do you divide your time as a clinic owner?
  • 13:33 – Lessons from a clinic fit out
  • 15:36 – Why slowing down is key
  • 16:25 – The importance of having a business mentor
  • 17:44 – Recruiting (and keeping) team members
  • 19:04 – How to communicate with your team
  • 21:17 – What’s next?
  • 22:33 – Connect with Yves
  • 23:46 – Yves’ advice for other clinics


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