Zero to One Hundred Practitioner Induction | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 078

Happy new year to everyone!

For our kickstarter episode, we are going to guide you through the essential steps in on-boarding a new team member into the clinic and how you, as a business owner, can help them in their professional and personal journey.


“You’ve invested some money, some time and some emotional energy in acquiring or attracting new practitioners to join your team, to help serve the demands of your client. It’s in your best interest, and their best interest, that you get off to an excellent start.”



  • [0:01:28.9]  Probation period for new practitioners
  • [0:02:40.3]  How to make new practitioners comfortable with your systems and culture
  • [0:04:05.7]  Mentoring
  • [0:05:17.2]  How you can help in the new practitioner’s journey to personal and professional growth
  • [0:06:11.9]  Wheel of Life Assessment for personal growth

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