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As a clinic owner in this day and age, you are likely interested in what tools can help you grow and automate your business.

If you’re anything like us (health clinic owners ourselves!), then you love to feel in control of your business – knowing that the wheels keep turning automatically and sustainably.

You love helping your patients , and you know that there are tools out there – but you don’t know where to start, or which tools will give you the best bang for your buck.

One of the best ways to feel in control is to use the power of technology to automate, eliminate and delegate the simple things you’ve got to do to in the daily operations of your business.

If you want to improve your effectiveness as a business owner, then you need to embrace the changes in technology and software to streamline your life.

As health professionals ourselves, and as part of the Clinic Mastery Business Academy, we work exclusively with private practice owners to automate and Grow Your Clinic with a variety of strategies.

We’ve helped 100’s of clinic owners like you implement the tools that they need to automate and grow their business.

We have therefore compiled a list of 7 Effective Apps & Online Tools to Help Automate Your Clinic.

Tools to automate and grow your clinic:

ASANA (1/17)

If you’re having trouble keeping your to-do’s together, save the scraps of paper or post-it-notes and use Asana project management.

Asana is a quick, central and easy way of creating, scheduling and tracking the all of the daily operations needed to be performed to keep the business running.

It comes as a phone app and online browser extension so you can be anywhere in the world and you can be working on or tracking your business operations.

You’re able to create specific “Projects” where each task is allocated to for easy use. Within each Project, you create, schedule and assign “Tasks” that need to be done.

You can create one-off or recurring Tasks within a project so that you can create a real system for your clinic operations.  

Asana allows you to be very specific with whom you delegate tasks to i.e. certain team members or positions in the team, and when you schedule the tasks i.e. days, and repeat frequency.

The result of implementing Asana is that you or your team know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, and it automatically recurs so that nothing ever slips through the cracks again.
Small (but important) details are never missed.

We love to help clinic owners just like you to set up and use Asana to Automate Your Clinic Operations, so check out the link for the how-to guide on getting started.

Free, paid and premium options are available, depending on your needs.

Slack (2/17)

Slack is a tool that will improve your clinic communications instantly.

Would you love to minimise or even eliminate email?

If you’re like us, then it is a BIG YES!

Think about this, if Email and SMS had a baby, Slack, would be their child… and it’s taken all the good traits!

It allows you to instantly connect and collaborate with your practitioners and admin team anywhere in the world by using mobile data or WiFi. It’s dead simple.

You can create “Channels” with specific themes of discussions e.g. Client Experience Ideas, Wins of the Week or Team Acknowledgements where you can chat with team members either publicly (as a collective team) or privately (one on one).

It’s a great way to keep the conversations short, sharp and shiny.

You can search your archives anytime, pin important conversations to the top of the list and integrate it with a heap of other awesome apps or softwares e.g. Google Drive.

Slack can be used as an app on your phone, desktop or in your browser. Free, paid and premium options are available, depending on your needs.

Google Drive (3/17)

Imagine if you could collaborate with your Practitioners and Admin team from different locations, at the same time?

Well, Google Drive and the entire Google Suite allow you to create, organise and share whatever you are working on. It is the universal cloud storage platform.

From Docs, to Spreadsheets, Google Survey Forms, Powerpoint Slides and more, you able to work remotely on policies, procedures, systems, performance dashboards and more, all from the one place.

Gone are the days of saving it to the desktop on one device.

Embrace the cloud.

The beautiful thing is that all of the Google Applications work seamlessly together and can be easily managed from one place… Google Drive.

It’s also a very simple process to Setup Google Drive For Effective Sharing of Files on Google Sites, your Intranet Hub that hosts all of your Clinic Systems.

Google Drive is free, you pay for storage updates.

Canva (4/17)

Canva makes you look good, like really good.

You’ll love that you can get beautifully designed images and graphic design templates for free, because they’ll make you look really slick!

Canva allows you to create graphics, logos, promo material, social media posts, documents, banners, collages… everything your business brain can dream up.

Think of Canva as your new graphic designer.

You can also ‘share’ designs with team members, allowing instantaneous, collaborative editing.

It’s simple to use and designs can be downloaded in a variety of formats such as .jpeg, PDF and .png.

If you’re creating content, you’ll need plenty of beautiful visuals.

Canva is easily one of the best platforms for creating your own images and documents from scratch.

Bonusly (5/17)

Would you love a recognition-rich culture, where your team recognise each other for positive behaviours?

Bonus.ly is the platform where your team can award bonuses, recognise and celebrate their team mates.

Every month, each team member is allocated a certain quantity of “Points” which they can award to their team mates to recognise the things they have done.

You can use it to recognise the display of a team member living out your core values, for instance, going above and beyond their role to help a patient or team mate during their day.

An example might be that Johnny the physiotherapist called a taxi to pick up Mrs Jenkins to take her home after her appointment.

Instead of you (the leader and director) deciding on a bonus at the end of the year for their ‘hard work’, you can allocate that amount to each individual to pass on and recognise their peers.

It’s a social recognition tool that help increase the engagement of your team.

It’s likely that if there are any star performers, they will end up with a greater allocation of the Credits and therefore a greater Bonus to transfer.

Team members can transfer the Points into vouchers, cash bonuses or even donate to charity.

As the Private Practice Owner, you only pay when they redeem and you set the points to dollar conversion ratio. It’s like its own currency.

UpWork (6/17)

You’ve been warned: you might not come out of UpWork alive!

It’s a thriving online marketplace for creative and professional services of all kinds.

The basic concept of UpWork is to Get it done with a freelancer.

From accounting and bookkeeping to websites and everything in between.

Find or request a service and get help from anywhere in the world. Basic level services start at around USD $5 per hour.

You can find people to join your virtual team, people with specialised skills from around the world who can work remotely to help you with your business operations.

UpWork is a great way to outsource all of those regular tasks, the low level operations that you shouldn’t need to focus on.

This is things like creating and distributing social media content or tracking Clinic Excellence Indicators within your clinic to monitor performance.

Evernote (7/17)

With the amount of Professional Development we do as health professionals, we need an easy way to collate all of our learning resources.

Evernote is a great way to organise your life, take notes, archive important content and streamline your logging of hours.

You can attach articles, PDF files and links to your notes and easily search based on Tags.

For instance you might be doing Professional Development on Paediatric patients and you create the Tag “Paeds” so that you can group and easily search for all of your resources.

Xero (8/17)

Let’s be frank, accounting and bookkeeping are not sexy!

However, XERO accounting software gets us pretty excited.

Xero is online, that means you are able to monitor your business’s performance anywhere in the world.

What this also means is that you can build a team around you who can simply login and help you format, understand and influence the numbers in your business.

Yep, you can connect your accountant and bookkeeper with remote access so they can see real-time figures.

XERO will streamline your entire financial analysis and reporting so that you can feel confident in the decisions you make based on up to date financial metrics.

MindMeister (9/17)

Welcome to your virtual vision board!

Mindmeister is a Mind Mapping software that lets you and your team visually brainstorm, capture ideas and think creatively about the projects you have on the go.

You can create and collaborate online at the same time as your team.

It’s a fantastic tool for synthesising your collective notes, exploring new ideas and creating processes for your business (while being simple to understand and easy to follow).

For instance you might be mapping out your Ideal Client Journey to support and nurture a client towards their goals. It’s really fantastic.

Voxer (10/17)

Do you remember using walkie talkies as a kid?

How fun was it? crrrrrk over…!

If you didn’t have a childhood, then, a similar comparison would be voicemail.

The way you can use Voxer with your team (practitioners, admin of business partners) is to simply record 0-2 min of audio for your listener to hear live or at a later time.

It’s not used for urgent communication topics, you would call via the phone.

When there isn’t time for chit chat, or timing is hard to schedule a call, use Voxer to convey more personality in your messages by using voice instead of text.

A great way to use it, would be to say hello, wish your team well on important occasions, or recognise them verbally for their contributions, leave notes or reminders etc

It’s a pretty simple app to use for convenient conversations.

Doodle (11/17)

Do you ever have trouble trying to organise a convenient meeting time for multiple people?

It’s sooooo frustrating!

Doodle allows you to propose a number of convenient times to compare availability and schedule a meeting.

It’s so simple.

It will take the mountain of emails, back and forth conversations and stress out of the way, so that you can focus on the important things, like preparing an outcome focused meeting.

Physitrack (12/17)

Does evidence based practice matter to you?

Physitrack is the most incredible resource of evidence based, professionally produced and easy to use prescription exercises.

You are able to customise rehabilitation programs and monitor patient outcomes!

What’s even better is you can measure patient progress with pain scores and accountability to their ideal journey.

The Patient simply downloads the patient version of the app called PhysiApp to their phone for free and you can send them the rehabilitation exercises direct to their App.

It makes you look like a professional, there’s no need for drawing stick figures or printing sheets anymore.  

Cliniq Apps (13/17)

Do you believe patient nurturing is important?

Well, Cliniq Apps is the system to help automate all of your client communication along their ideal journey.

You are able to fill your appointment books with patient reactivation, track patient satisfaction and monitor your business performance all with this one software, it’s a game changer.

Cliniq Apps allows you to send email, SMS, push notifications and even physical letters at specific times to specific groups of people instead of one generical broadcast to your entire database.

We’ve seen some amazing results with the Clinic Excellence Indicators and business performance within the first 7 days of using this software. It pays for itself over and over again.

It’s so simple to get started and get some quick wins with Cliniq Apps, in fact, here’s a three part video series show you exactly how to use Cliniq Apps.

Google Sites (14/17)

Do you have a central place for all your systems, policies and procedures… that isn’t a folder?!

Google Sites is an incredible platform to create easy to navigate websites.

The great thing is, you make these websites private, like an Intranet, so only your team has access to use it!

The Google Site serves as a central hub for your team to find anything they need to do their job and play their role.

It’s ideal for hosting induction programs for new practitioners or admin team members, or for collating all of the “Know How” of your clinic so that you have “Turn Key” business, an asset that anyone could take over!

Google Sites is also online, so you can literally work on your business from anywhere in the world.

Deputy (15/17)

Do you need help managing your team roster and time sheets?

Perhaps you have multiple admin team members, who need to change their availabilities or locations (if you have multiple sites) on a regular basis…it can make staffing and wages tricky!

No need to worry, Deputy is a simple to use online platform that easily integrates with XERO and MYOB accounting software to streamline your rostering and wages process.

So you can say goodbye to payroll mistakes and never have to do the ring around again.

Deputy will take the time and stress out of your payroll cycle!

Hudl Technique  (16/17)

Do you review biomechanics or perform movement analysis for your patients?

Hudl Technique is a brilliant app to get a closer look at an athlete’s form with great slow motion capture, drawing for angle analysis and voice overs to help coach the patient through their technique.

Your ability to customise feedback for your athlete makes this app really exciting.

Hudl will take your role in the patient health from just recovery, to peak performance strategist.

Cliniko (17/17)

Is it possible to love your practice management software? Yes, if it’s Cliniko!

Cliniko is a web based software that allows you to access your patient information from any device, anywhere in the world!

The reporting and insights are brilliant resources to track the performance of your clinic and practitioners.

We are really excited to see how rapidly they update and include new features to make it better… that’s what you want. You won’t be stuck in time with Cliniko!

Oh, and the customer service is amazing, they’re super responsive and open with their communication.

We did a short education series on how to use Cliniko to provide great patient outcomes in under two minutes.


Let’s be frank, the world of private practice technology is not going backwards and if you’re not keeping up, you’re going to get left behind.

It’s important to remember, that technology should allow us to leverage our time and effort so that we get better and longer lasting results in a shorter time frame.

As a Clinic Mastery team, we promise to help automate and grow private practices in a way that allows you to have control and choice over your time.

There’s nothing worse than having great ideas or plans if you’ve got no time to implement them properly.

At the end of the day, the inclusions of all this technology is to help you be able to Lead Amazing Teams to Deliver Memorable Patient Experiences. That’s it.

We hope this will help you, the team and most importantly your Patients.

For more information about how we can help you Grow Your Clinic, click here: YES, GROW MY CLINIC!

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