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When you are selling relatively high-cost products or services, you wanna make sure that your client is satisfied.

Maybe you have seen that awkward smile of a customer when they leave after paying. And you know in the back of your mind that they are disappointed on the service they get despite of paying a bit much.

Perhaps, you experienced that as a customer.

Let me tell you my story about this local café in Adelaide. This experience taught me great lessons on delivering amazing client experience.

(Café again? —I know I need a bit more variety on my stories. Well, I have variety in the cafés I go to, but they’re often café stories.)

Story Time

So, I was flicking through Instagram and I saw this café had posted a picture of their coffee list.

No joke! It rivaled a wine list at a restaurant. It was quite detailed and there was a lot of options.

I saw on there a particular coffee. It’s called the Panama Geisha. It’s one of my favorite coffees, probably the favorite coffee and it’s rare as hen’s eggs.

Then, I was like, “We’ve got to go and get this coffee.”

So, my wife and I, we went. I walked up to the bar and I saw the coffee list and it was there.

Then, I saw the price —

Now, I get an espresso short black, it’s the shortest amount of coffee you can pretty much get, unless you get a ristretto which is about 15mL of coffee.

So it’s about 30mL of coffee. And, it was 24 AUD!

I mean I had a coffee in Switzerland once, that was 10 AUD and I was gawking at that. There was one in St. Mark Square in Venice that was $20, at least I had the atmosphere.

But this was 24 AUD!

Well, I was already at the bar, I was committed. I bought it and I bought my wife a filtered coffee for 12 AUD.

36 AUD drained on two coffees.

Now, you might be thinking I’m an idiot or I should sell coffee to Ben because that’s a lucrative business.

I bought it and it was delicious. It was great!

And I’m happy to pay that amount every now and then for a coffee that’s really worth it. It was phenomenal. It tasted a bit of pineapple, and earl grey, and some of these stone fruits.

But that was the extent of it —

—what was lacking though was the experience around it.

3 Tips on Delivering High-Cost Products or Services

So I pin pointed 3 tips anyone can have when delivering high-cost products or services:

1. Connect

To engage into a non-intrusive conversation with your client or customer is always good.

Try to find out what they want or their stories behind picking that certain product or service.

Some people might not like small talks but it’s easy to tell. Regardless, they’ll feel valued when you notice them and actually be interested in them.

Just as simple as checking in and asking how do they find the experience or directly asking for their feedback.

2. Educate

When selling a product or a service that is really costly, you must educate your client or customer more about it.

In my case, the Panama Geisha, they could have educate me of the growing process of the coffee, or how they went about making it.

No one else out there is really buying a 24 AUD coffee, most people are just getting a latte and they’ve just probably give the run-in-the-mill bean.

Since Panama Geisha is that costly, there must be a story or anything trivial they could tell me about that would help me see the value of what I bought.

3. Add Something Extra

In most haircuts we have from a quality saloon, we get to get a quick back massage, or even a face massage. When buying devices, often we get freebies or gift certificates.

So when selling a high-cost product or service, giving extras gives value to the experience of the customer. Take for example:

Adding Something Extra
The way an espresso should be served. Tasting notes and sparkling water ☕️ Rockleigh Cafe Coolangatta, QLD


It’s not just about the product — it’s also about the delivery of an amazing experience

These had nothing to do with the actual product, if you have noticed. My likelihood of going back has largely nothing to do with the quality of the product but with the all around the experience.

It’s about the communication and the delivery around it. Make it a bit more of a ceremony and not just a buy and sell transaction.

Check out our podcast where we talk more about delivering amazing client experiences.

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