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Why Write for Clinic Mastery?

If you have something to say, some practical gold to share and you believe that Clinic Owners need to hear it, then you should consider becoming a Clinic Mastery Contributor.

We’re looking to bring more perspectives and new skills to our members so that they continue to get great results with Clinic Mastery.

If you enjoy working with progressive Allied Health Clinic Owners, then this is your community to make your impact!

Let’s talk more about how you and our community can benefit from you becoming a Clinic Mastery Contributor…

Add Practical Value to Clinic Owners

Clinic Mastery has a community of clinic owners who crave tangible advice about how they can grow their clinic.

With your expertise and content creation, you can contribute to a Clinic Owner’s business success. Pretty cool 🙂 

You’ll also be able to help us fulfil our mission to be the most practical provider of values-driven education and mentoring for clinic owners.

Position Yourself As A Trusted Advisor

Your advice will be shared directly with our email and social media communities to make sure it gets the reach and has the impact it deserves.

You will be positioned with Clinic Mastery’s endorsement as a ‘Go-To’ expert in your niche. 

Promote Your Products & Services

You’ll be able to get the exposure and create the traffic to your own products and services by linking directly to your business.

It will be a great opportunity for the Clinic Mastery community to immerse themselves in your expertise and receive your full service.

Clinic Mastery Contributor Series

As a guest Clinic Mastery Contributor you will have the opportunity to deliver one or more, 3-part series of content.

We’ve found it best to deliver the most relevant topics to clinic owners in any particular area as a 3 part series.

The series has been an engaging way for us to capture the attention of the community so that they receive a variety and depth of practical wisdom.

What that means for you is 3, 6, 9 or even more ongoing opportunities to deliver your expertise and get in front of the Clinic Mastery Community.

You can also have the opportunity to deliver other forms of training (e.g. webinars, live events, podcast etc) to further boost your street cred.

Clinic Mastery Contributor Guidelines

To ensure we are jointly delivering high quality consistently, you’ll be expected to follow the Clinic Mastery’s System for Writing Optimised Blogs so your work gets the best reach and conversion.

  • Recommended Blog length

    • 1000 words
  • The topic must be directly related to Clinic Owners.

  • Our tone is positive, energetic with an emphasis on practicality.

    • We suggest you have a look at the content we publish on our blog to get a clear sense of the Clinic Mastery voice.
  • Provide a clear takeaway or learning for readers.

    • Use headings, subheadings or lists to structure your writing.
  • Include facts, research, sources or personal anecdotes.

    • To substantiate your insights, information and arguments (with external links, when appropriate).
  • Your post should be original.

    • You must create unique articles that are distinct from articles already posted on the Clinic Mastery blog.
  • Your post should be 100% exclusive. 

    • Your post should not be a duplicate of your previous work or of anyone’s else’s. Our community deserves practical, relevant and unique insights, it’s also better for your online reach.
  • Do not include advertisements of any kind.**

    • We will reject all guest post submissions that contain advertising or sponsored links intended to promote a company’s products or services *without prior permission*.

Kindly note that your post may be edited to meet Clinic Mastery’s style and standards.

We will also seek to improve search engine visibility, though we will make every reasonable attempt to respect the writer’s work and maintain the sense of your writing.

Changes may be made to the title, text or any images provided.

How To Get Started?

Send your completed article together with your full name, a short bio, and a headshot to ben@clinicmastery.com

You are also invited to include a personal website address (not for a company you work for) and any social media handles you wish to have included along with your profile.

We prefer article submissions as a Google Doc, but we also accept Word documents.

*Note that due to the high volume of emails, we cannot respond to every pitch or submission. We will get in touch if it is selected to move forward.

Soon you will be inspiring thousands of clinic owners!

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