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Peter Flynn from Physio Fit is our guest today and we’re going to be talking about how they have expanded their clinic to serve over 1,000 patients a month. He also gives us some tips on how to leverage videos, Facebook marketing and audience re-targeting to gain more clients for your clinic.

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“With marketing, we can look at all the different avenues and how we can systemize those and play it to your strengths.”

“When you give your best stuff away, it’s not that people are going to take your advice and do it. What it is is that you give your best stuff away as a reflection of how generous you are and you build your trust and credibility, so that when people need help, they probably won’t do what you’ve told them to do on your video; they’re going to come to your clinic and pay a premium for your advice because you have proven your authority and expertise in the space.”

“63% of Facebook videos are watched with the audio on mute while someone is on the toilet.”

“You need to produce volumes and volumes of content in order for something to stick. If you don’t produce volumes, nothing will stick.”



  • [0:01:16.9]  How Physio Fit’s approach to growth played out
  • [0:02:19.1]  Physio Fit’s marketing strategies that help them get over 1,000 patients a month
  • [0:03:49.9]  Jack’s insights on marketing
  • [0:04:55.1]  Physio Fit’s content marketing approach
  • [0:06:11.5]  Kinds of content Peter recommends
  • [0:10:03.7]  How Peter deals with negative feedback online
  • [0:11:53.8]  How has Physio Fit used video on Facebook?
  • [0:13:48.3]  Video marketing payoff
  • [0:15:01.9]  How many new clients can clinic owners gain per month with videos?
  • [0:17:10.0]  Things Peter wished he knew before creating videos
  • [0:18:26.2]  Does audio quality matter when producing video content?
  • [0:19:12.3]  The importance of putting subtitles into your videos
  • [0:20:53.2]  Tips to maximize Facebook marketing and videos
  • [0:22:20.6]  Check out Physio Fit!

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