On The Spotlight: Rebecca Healey on Re-Strategizing For Growth During COVID-19 | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 197

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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 197

When COVID-19 hit Australia, Rebecca Healey was confronted with a question she’d never thought she’d ask to herself – “Do I need to close down the clinic?” 

Like all other businesses, Rebecca’s clinic was greatly affected by the pandemic and she was afraid she might just shut down her clinic. But with the help of her team members, her business mentor, and some advice she got from her favorite book, Rebecca was able to keep their doors open and even achieved growth and productivity during these challenging times.

Wanna know what made the difference? Check out the full episode!

Rapid-Fire Questions
  • [0:01:35.4]  That one life-changing book Rebecca recommends
  • [0:03:03.2]  People that Rebecca looks up to
  • [0:04:25.6]  Rebecca’s childhood aspiration
  • [0:04:55.3]  Motto you live by

“Fucking Fierce.”

“I can and I will. Watch me.”

  • [0:06:15.9]  Why Rebecca wanted to become a podiatrist
Rebecca’s Clinic Journey
  • [0:09:58.2]  How Your Foot Doctor Podiatry first started
  • [0:11:24.9]  How Rebecca’s clinic has grown over the years
  • [0:13:26.0]  What needed to change to take the clinic to the next level
Keeping the Clinic Open During the Pandemic
  • [0:16:12.5]  Creating Patient Management Plans and Building Systems with a Business Coach
  • [0:19:29.7]  On-boarding new grads and putting in a mentorship program for them
  • [0:22:46.1]  How Rebecca and her team prevented the possible shut down of their clinic during COVID
  • [0:24:56.8]  Lessons from going through COVID as a business owner and leader
Parting Words of Wisdom
  • [0:27:41.7]  Advice to clinic owners and how getting a mentor can help you grow your clinic
  • [0:29:56.7]  Connect with Rebecca and her team

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