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It is amazing how a simple phone call can elevate one’s customer experience to the next level! In one of our Grow My Clinic Podcast Episode, Ben Lynch shared his experience with RM Williams, an iconic Australian brand, the producer of many hard wearing clothes and items.
In his experience, there was a very subtle distinction you can learn and actually apply to your clinic.
Click below and listen to Ben as he narrates how the phone call went. Try and notice why it is different than the typical conversations.

Quick Tips in Communicating to your Client

You might already have some take-aways and learnings from Ben’s phone call experience. But here are some quick tips in communicating to your clients which we tend to overlook every single time.

Slow down

Steph was certainly slowed and it was a sense of calmness, a sense of presence that, “Hey, you are not interrupting me. I’m here for you. And I’m going to welcome you, greet you and make you feel like it is okay to tell me what your problem or your challenge is, and I’m going to help you.”

Don’t you always feel when you call a business that you are interrupting them? That you’d feel it’s always a rush and you’ve got to spit out and get to the point real quick!

When someone walks in your front door at the clinic, do you or your reception team, speak quickly like that at the person and almost like an attack like, “What are you here for? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!” They don’t!

But our phone manner seems to change. And I think there is a great opportunity in that.

But Steph greeted with this just presence in her voice. The rate and intention behind her voice was so calming.


Steph did it in a way that wasn’t rushed. It didn’t feel like she had other things to do. She was totally present throughout the call experience.

There’s so much merit in the way that you communicate with people, in person or on the phone that is focused – it is genuine, it is present.
And it’s there to help that person navigate their challenge and lead them to a solution.

Say “Welcome”

“Welcome,” is the word that also distinguishes this. If you can use the word “welcome” more often, it’s so much more warming and different to “Hi.”

The word ‘welcome’ and a few strategic pauses really bring the focus and attention of the listener right to where you are. It gets their attention and you’re on point with you attention and focus to serve that person.

So these are our challenge for you.


  1. Use the word “welcome.”
  2. When you’re delivering your scripts or those reception welcome messages in person or over the phone, just carefully use a well-timed pause, it will absolutely help to someone’s focus and I will be right there with you.

Give it a shot yourself, when you are speaking with a patient, especially through a phone call. Get your admin to give it a shot in person and especially, over the phone. A simple customer experience can make a huge difference.
As always, actions are fraction. Use it practically. Infuse it into your operations today, tomorrow or next week.
Check out our recent Grow My Clinic Podcast Episodes and leave us comments and reviews.
Keep in mind: do not lose sight of what is important, hold on to your vision! In the little things, starts excellence.

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