Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients

As a podiatry practice owner, you might be wondering what podiatry marketing creative you could use in your campaigns to attract more new patients.

We know many podiatrists struggle with having enough time to brainstorm creative ways to engage their community and attract more of their ideal clients through marketing.

It’s hard enough to manage the operations of your clinic, let alone be great at marketing.

After working with 100s of health professionals and as part of our Business Academy, we’ve helped clinic owners just like you to create effective marketing campaigns.

In this article we’re going to give you podiatry marketing creative ideas to include or inspire your campaigns to attract more of your ideal clients and grow your clinic.

How Does Your Clinic Score?

What is Marketing Creative?

If marketing is just a conversation between you (your clinic) and your audience…the who!

Then, marketing ‘creative’ is the term for what, when, where and how you deliver your message in that conversation e.g. language, story, narrative, visuals etc

You want to craft your conversation with those elements with the aim to do one or more of the following:

  • Inspire
  • Entertain
  • Educate

Ultimately, you want to establish likability, trust and influence your audience to choose you as their podiatrist of choice.

Why Is Marketing Creative Important?

The average exposure before a prospect becomes a client is 16 times

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to breakthrough the marketing noise.

It’s hard enough to capture someones attention, let alone deliver a message that allows you to get the desired results.

Remember, the ultimate aim for your marketing creative is to help you attract more of your ideal clients and enrol them into your care.

How Does Your Clinic Score?

How to Use Podiatry Marketing Creative

In your marketing creative you want to use relevant people, places and things that resonate with your ideal podiatry client.

Let’s look at how you can implement these insights about your ideal client into your marketing.

Typically, your marketing campaign would have these stages and people’s input…

  1. Researcher

    1. Identify characteristics of the audience/ideal client with data and information, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  2. Copy Writer

    1. Create a compelling narrative and story which resonates with the language and emotions of your ideal client.
  3. Designer

    1. Create the imagery, videography, visuals, infographics etc that will capture the attention and imagination of your ideal client.
  4. Editor & Creative Director

    1. Perform due diligence by checking the grammar, image quality, cohesiveness of the visual and written messages to the marketing campaign objective and ideal client information.
  5. Analyst

    1. Review the campaigns results to see if the campaign lead to the desired result e.g. did you get more new clients (it’s the data driven and review component)

Now, you probably don’t have the luxury having a marketing team like this.

However, you do have your colleagues, peers, team members, virtual assistants and our Facebook group…to help you at each of those steps.

It might just surprise you how talented your team members could be at any of these steps and how they would lavish the opportunity to get involved in a different role with growing your clinic.

You can always follow the 7 step content marketing system to help leverage your marketing.

Even if you don’t create the team, you can follow the sequence of steps in creating a campaign.

Podiatry Marketing Creative Ideas You Could Use

How Does Your Clinic Score?

We’ve assembled some inspiration for your marketing creative…

Let these ideas serve as inspiration for some of the creative you could use to:

  • Stand out and capture your audiences attention/imagination
  • Connect with your audience on the things that resonate with them
  • Convert and enrol prospective clients into your care

How you structure these ideas in the form of campaigns is up to you…

We just wanted to make the idea generation a little easier with this list.

Movies & Videos For Podiatry Marketing Creative

  1. John Cleese Silly Walkers Ministry – here
  2. Walk on the Wild Side – here
  3. Footloose – here
  4. Happy Feet – here
  5. Tap Dogs – here


Songs About Feet, Legs & Podiatry

  1. Walking On A Dream – Empire of The Sun
  2. Walk – Foo Fighters
  3. Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles
  4. These Boots Are Made For Walking – Nancy Sinatra
  5. Walking On The Moon – The Police
  6. Walk On – U2
  7. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry & The Pacemakers
  8. Walk Don’t Walk – Prince
  9. Walk On – Neil Young
  10. This Little Piggy – Children’s Entertainment


Seasons, Events & Cultural Trends Related To Podiatry

  1. Olympics – Commonwealth, Paralympics, Winter Games
  2. Sports Season – AFL, NRL, NFL, ‘Soccer’, Netball, Lacrosse, Hockey
  3. Chinese Foot Binding
  4. Back To School
  5. Foot Health Month – here
  6. Famous Walking Treks & Holidays – Here


Influencers & Icons

  1. Cindarella – If the shoe fits Cindarella
  2. Famous Foot – Ronald McDonald
  3. Famous Leg – Johnnie Walker – Keep Walking
  4. Happy Socks – here


Play On Words & Quotable Podiatry Lines

  • Sole Saver
  • Sole Man/Woman
  • Have Your Sole Saved
  • Put your best foot forward
  • Dip Your Toe In
  • Think on your feet
  • In sickness and health
  • Toe Jam
  • Dr Google v Professional – Get The Expert
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • Step in the Right Direction
  • Put yourself in their Shoes
  • Walk a mile in my Boots
  • Put your shoes under my bed
  • Pigeon Toed
  • Fun Foot Facts – here
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Memes, GIF’s & Spectacular Images for Podiatry Marketing

You’ll be able to find some great GIF’s to include in your marketing to capture peoples attention – here

I have included some examples below, they might inspire you…



What you can do is create marketing campaigns around the ‘creative’  ideas shared above.

The ideas above can serve as the message, tag line, pictures, videos etc that you use at the respective time of year, event or social trend within your marketing campaign.

Remember, your aim is to attract more of your ideal clients to actual paying clients.

Otherwise this marketing stuff is just cute and is completely useless.

Use the words, pictures, icons and cultural trends that resonate with your ideal client to capture their attention and then deliver you message and offer.

If you would like some help implementing these ideas as a member of our Business Academy, then we can always start with a free, no obligation strategy session where we can help you put a plan together.

How Does Your Clinic Score?

Until Next Time;
Live with Passion and Serve with Care

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